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If you or a loved one is experiencing issues of detainment, deportation, or other risks associated with being undocumented in North Carolina, please call the hotline number:

(984) 377-2622

Se reciben llamadas desde el Stewart Detention Center

Nuestro compromiso:

Nuestras estrategias no hechan de cabeza a nuestra gente. Nuestra lealtad es a nuestra comunidad. Nuestro lado siempre sera el tuyo.

Our strategies do not throw our people under the bus. Our loyalty is to our community. We have chosen a side and that is the side of immigrants and refugees.

Free NC Refugee Kids

Pedro, Walter, Josue, Wildin, Edwin, Santos and Bilmer were the victims of ICE raids in the last few weeks. All seven came to the United States fleeing gang and criminal…

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¿Tienes preguntas o dudas? Puedes llamar a nuestra línea de asistencia (984)377-2622. ¡O mandanos un mensaje en facebook!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Contact a good attorney
    • Ask for an interpreter
    • Do not sign any document you do not understand
    Police in all NC counties work with ICE. This means any arrest at any time can lead to deportation. In 287g counties, an arrest will lead to deportation. If you are not a US citizen, you should consult with an attorney to be prepared in case you come into contact with police or ICE.
    • You have the right to remain silent
    • You have the right to contact a lawyer
    • You have the right to have your lawyer present during questioning
    • You have the right to fight your deportation case
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We cannot stop deportations without your support. You can sign petitions, write letters, and join protests to act in solidarity with immigrants and refugees.

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